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Thanks to an unprecedented level of personal elegance and a great craftsmanship, we created a bag with the features of a made to measure garment

Unisex, but distinctive

Comfortable, but extremely roomy

Simple, but with great attention to details

An accessory? Even more
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MANTICO collection boasts a wide range of weaves, patterns and colors to mix and match, ready to be interpreted with personal style. Fabrics are made from fine fibers and superior quality materials purchased in their countries of origin and crafted in Biella, leader in the textile industry in the last centuries.

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details and personalization

Gold or brass coloured zip.

Small gold or brass coloured metal parts, personalized with logo.

Comfortable and resistant “suspenders”, embellished by 7 lines which represent Mantico 7 lives.

Soft, but stable lining,  silky to the touch.

Internal label in cotton, like that of a tailor made garment.

Dorsal external pocket, to safeguard your personal effects.

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The craftsmanship and the tailoring construction is totally Made in Italia, based on the traditional formal suit, with rigorous quality controls at each stage of production.

Irregularities or differences, if any, are an added value.  This is because we are talking about small art works which are only distinguished by tiny details that make every object unique and unrepeatable.

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MANTICO made in Italia
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