Mantico from latin “manticum”, bag, from greek “mandake” leather, it may derive from arabic, as stated by ancient etymologists.

This “bag” is an imaginary container to store all our experiences.

Mantico draws inspiration from a multifaceted and proactive personality, who lives his/her life to the fullest. He/she enjoys every single moment, no matter if they seem to be different and conflicting, they are all strongly bound. These are the shades which make every person unique, these are its 7 lives

mantico philosophy

Dynamic, eclectic, a practical dreamer… this is Mantico, a way of being which combines pure “italianity” with inspirations coming from different cultures.

live your 7 lives everyday

The idea comes from Mantico etymology and our remnants of life. An in-depth knowledge of fashion, a great multicultural expertise and a bit of hazard are the main features of Mantico world.

MANTICO made in Italia
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